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March 7, 2018

Horror Movie Soundtrack

A project started by Michael Matsakis, Horror Movie Soundtrack is a giant sound that will follow you, make you a little uncomfortable, and amaze you at the same time. Their debut LP “Projected Perception” was released in August of 2016 and includes some of the first songs Michael ever wrote. Listening to it takes you into his fear and uncertainty in life and death. As well as songs touching on religious fear tactics and a few songs involving dogs.

Their sophomore album, “Attitude Observer Anomaly” was released the subsequent year in 2018 and touches deeper on similar fears. The album is a concept of a self induced out-of-body experience in an effort to try and observe the self unclouded by ones own perception. Michael is just so darn scared of everything that his life feels like a horror movie at times. And Horror Movie Soundtrack is the music that accompanies the film.

After the release of the second album, Michael finally decided that it was time to put together a band and start playing some live shows. The bands members are Ian Zuber on bass and Zack Leya on drums. Find them deafening college kids in the basements and attics of Pittsburgh, PA. They are working on a third album currently that should depart from the electronic soundscapes of AOA and bring forth a heavier psych-rock sound.