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February 26, 2018

Did Someone Say Audio Wizards?

Regardless of whatever you may or may not have heard, the three boys pictured below are nothing less than audio wizards in their respective fields. Not only are they the three co-founders of New Galaxy Records, they are also best friends and overwhelmingly adept at their craft.

Michael10 2

Michael Matsakis

Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi Architect


A Music Composition and Sound Recording Junior at Duquesne University, Michael specializes in crafting dense, moving soundscapes while still (somehow) maintaining a projection of a solid emotional structure. Michael knows how to create the refined sound you're looking for with educated microphone choices and placement. He also teaches Composition, Engineering, Producing, Piano, and Bass. Listen to his band Horror Movie Soundtrack, and his solo project Michael Matsakis.


Owen Stone

Basement Afficiando


Owen is a Music Technology student at the University of North Carolina Asheville. He is a prolific songwriter and a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist. He works in the studio to capture the energy of an intimate performance while maintaining ample space for elaboration and production. He teaches Composition, Engineering, Production, Guitar, Bass, and Drums. His solo project is Fishcamp but has been found producing other acts such as Nathanael Jordan and Indigo De Souza.


Ethan Baechtold

Future-Soul Enigma


Ethan studies Jazz Theory and Entrepreneurship at UNC Chapel Hill. In the studio, Ethan acts as a producer, sound engineer, and studio musician. Ethan's vast knowledge of Jazz harmony makes him capable of livening up any arrangement. He also has the remarkable ability to play any instrument you could ever need in a rhythm section while still coming across like he is multiple tight musicians. He teaches Producing, Piano, Guitar, and Bass. He has worked with artists such as Indigo De Souza, Cassidy Goff, and The Dreamhouses.

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