About Us

New Galaxy Records is a tight label, run by some tight people. Who are these wizards? Check ’em out below.



(Boy Wonder)

Owen is a Sound Recording student at UNC Asheville and started his music career as a kid growing up in Asheville NC, a hub for artistic growth and community. Since the age of 8 he has been embracing this community and has recently started to bring his own sounds to the table, recording and releasing a full length album as well as two EP’s under his solo project Fishcamp. His favorite things include: tasteful keyboard solo’s, cold chocolate chips and a generous helping of The Coen Brothers. His outside work as a grill cook will ensure that your kickass mix comes with a complimentary kickass burger.



(Camp Mom)

Michael is a student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and studies Music Composition and Sound Recording. He has been playing music ever since he was a child. His love for recording came around when he was in high school. Michael’s top three  favorite things in the world (with bonus thing) are dogs, Thai food, avocados, and stereo sound. He has worked on his own solo projects for his band Horror Movie Soundtrack as well as producing and engineering many other artists music. See more about Michael on his website here!




(Picnic Coordinator)

Ethan is a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He studies Entrepreneurship and Music. He works with UNC Chapel Hill entrepreneurship programs to raise money and create a network to support New Galaxy’s recording artists. Ethan’s top 3 albums (with bonus album) of the 2010’s so far are: Carrie and Lowell – Sufjan Stevens, Choose Your Weapon – Hiatus Kaiyote, Currents – Tame Impala, and Malibu – Anderson Paak. He has released two solo EPs in the indie folk genre. Check out his projects here.