Nathanael Jordan was born November 14th 1997. Growing up influenced by the emo revival in the area, his style has been ever shifting through his dynamic career that is slowly seeping through the cracks of the underground Asheville, NC music scene. He moved to the Asheville in the summer of 2013, immediately forming the band Pompos (later Film History) with local musicians Zepplin Murray and Michael Dunham. Driven by Nathanael’s energetic indie emo vibes the group was widely regarded in the local Asheville High School music scene. Over time his sound started to develop beyond the reaches of his group and he started two other bands Stoned Alone, and SLUGLY, where he contributed driving original compositions as well as backing lines soaked in his signature twangy tones.

He kicked off his solo career as Panacea releasing a 3 song EP produced in part by MJ Lenderman. He is now taking a step back and releasing under his given name, channeling a wide array of influences including M. Ward, Jason Molina, Big Thief, Nana Grizzle, but always calling back to his roots with noticeable influence from the likes of Mike Kinsella of American Football. His songs are personal and engaging serving as fragmented narratives of his experiences through hauntingly succinct lyricism. Let yourself lay into his intimate and moving melodies with his first solo record “The Honeymoon Phase” scheduled to be released in late Fall 2017.