Michael Matsakis was born January 10th 1997 inside the Spaceship Earth Geosphere at Disney Epcot and to this very day can recite half of the entire alphabet, forwards, in eleven languages. For the first part of his life, Michael lived as a monk in South Florida eating nothing but the clams that would wash up onto the gulf coast. He sold clams and saved his money for his entire life and bought a car on his 16th birthday. With his new found freedom he moved to “The Pitts” and began to study music. In January of 2016, He released his first EP called the “Have a Nice Day EP.” This EP was written with Owen Stone of Fishcamp in a weekend attempt to create something calm and sad. In August of 2016 he released his first full length album but was too afraid to name it after himself so he came up with the name Horror Movie Soundtrack for reasons that continue to change. In an interview with “Lambz and Bandz,” an Indy Greek Lo-Fi cooking and music podcast, Michael explained that “I’m just so dang scared of everything, it made sense to view my life as a horror movie.” In 2017, Michael discovered real Lo-Fi bands. And naturally, he left behind high fidelity recording all together for his solo projects. He started a project where he would write and record a song every day for a little while. Like any normal person, this only lasted exactly a week. But one week and seven songs later, Michael released his second EP “Trees & Machines” as an experiment in Lo-Fi music. All the songs regard a fear of growing up and dying. While recording the EP, he was living with his cousin, a mother of three children, two of which were under seven years old. Being around kids of that age was inspiring and warranted a lot of unnecessary sadness and inspiration. “Being able to see the world through their eyes made me realize how little they actually cared about the perfect reality that surrounded them. Their lives have been so amazing so far, which is great. But because of that, they have no real appreciation for comfort and life in general. Childhood is this state that nobody is able to appreciate because the actual state you’re in, won’t let you realize how amazing it is.”