Indigo De Souza’s first release, Boys, is a three song indie pop EP. The first track, Sleep Talking, begins as a gentle introduction to the EP. Delicate layered vocals create atmosphere for a soft vocal melody. The song flows through distinct sections, each with greater intensity. As the vocals shift in intensity, the music becomes more distorted and powerful. The song eventually exhales, returning to its gentle beginning. Eventually the music thins until independent vocal melodies break perfect silence. The title track, Boys, feels playful yet sentimental. The EP ends with The Moon is No Good, a slow and patient outro. Throughout, endlessly ambient background vocals suggest a more somber tone. Perhaps the most beautiful part of the EP is the final section of this song. As the chorus steadies into a monophonic drone, a tapestry of vocal harmonies begin to layer upon one another. The seemingly endless reverberations cause the harmony of every pitch to ring and intertwine, create an eerie but beautiful texture. Michael Libramento, Andrew Costantino, and Ryan Lassiter all worked on the engineering and production of this EP.

Indigo’s second EP, “Don’t Cry Just Do,” was released in the late summer of 2017. Although this release is similar in length to Boys, three songs, the genre is a dive into soul, contemporary jazz, and alternative music. Indigo’s unmistakeable vocal layering and performance are equally captivating despite the giant step from her first EP. Ethan Baechtold worked on the engineering and production of this EP.