Ever wanted to hear a song that was performed backwards and then reversed so it sounds forwards? How about a guitar being put through a loop until it’s looping so fast it becomes a sound for a synthesizer solo? What do you think about going to Mars just so you can get away from everything for a little bit for some peace and quiet? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may want to listen to the Existential Indie Rock band Horror Movie Soundtrack. Started by Michael Matsakis in 2015 as an outlet for dealing with growing up and how horrifying it feels to let go of the past. He wrote and released the first album, Projected Perception in August of 2016. Ever since then, Michael was looking for a band to play with. And, after a year, that band was assembled. Right in time for the debut of the second album “Attitude Observer Anomaly.” The band featured Ian Zuber on Bass, Ian Goss on Drums, and Jake Cypher on Guitar and Auxiliary instruments. They are now starting to play shows in the Pittsburgh area. Michael met all of them while trying to reenact a live action version of “Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. He stumbled upon a frozen hotdog eating competition inside of Smithsonian Natural History Museum where the three men were competing against each other. The competition ended in a three way tie with 300 frozen hotdogs eaten in total. Having seen their pure, raw, talent Michael knew he had to have them in his band. Their sophomore album, “Attitude Observer Anomaly,” was released in October of 2017 and explores the concept of a Self-Induced Out of Body Experience through morphing genres of Folk, Electronic, and Psych-Rock. The album is an incredibly psychedelic experience for the listener featuring many big, morphing, walls of sound followed by juxtaposing quiet sections.