Fishcamp (Owen Stone) formed out of a trash pile behind a 24/Hr McDonald’s just outside of Asheville, NC upon release of his first EP “A Wall of Trees” in early 2016. Exploring various planetary beings via an internal link referred to by scientists as “the biscuits,” takes up the majority of his time. But, in the small gaps between ventures he explores concepts of guilt, irony, and love. The release of his first full length album “copilot” in the winter of the same year, spit out tracks ranging from lighthearted jams in “george” and “sirens”, to lo-fi sequenced nonsense in “resaelp,” and to a yearning folky swing in “lemon n ginger.” The tangents wander every which way and suddenly you find yourself wondering whether ducks have a sophisticated language hidden within the nuances of their quacks before being thrust back into the song.

This trend becomes increasingly evident in his newest project “kimberly,” released May of 2017. Starting off with a jolly walk through an alien community, and a confusing amount of southern charm in its title track, and ending with a soft, haunting, emotional ballad. This tiny world of an album has been eaten by, what sounds like, a particularly angry black hole, which seems to officially begin with “lung.” Take your shoes off, get situated, and don’t forget to bring a towel.