Ethan Baechtold was born April 21st 1998 on an uncharted beach. It was too sandy, so he moved to Asheville to help create New Galaxy Records. Ethan plays bass, piano, guitar, tennis, and drums. He is terrible at tennis. In August 2016, he recorded and released his first EP, Film Look. In 2017, the creatively named sequel debuted (Film Look II). Both EP’s were inspired by the feeling that one’s life is a movie. Ethan now goes to UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Jazz and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Drag Racing. Recently, Ethan has been focused on recording and has become heavily influenced by jazz and soul. Last year during the holidays, he recorded his first annual Christmas album, featuring rapper Lil’ R$VP. The 8 track release features several singers, and fuses holiday jazz with lo-fi beats. Ethan plans to record another Holiday album this year. His 3 song collaboration with artist Indigo De Souza will be released in the next few weeks. Although you wouldn’t know it from his messy hair and mismatched socks, Ethan loves keeping his space organized. He also appreciates good lighting in a studio.