February 26, 2018


New Galaxy Records is three guys who love music more than life itself. We are obsessed with creativity and innovation, and believe that all artists should have a chance to get into an environment that doesn’t limit them; we feel that artists succeed when everyone is having a great time, and creating something they feel proud of. We have two studios based in Asheville, NC and Pittsburgh, PA. Not only do we record music, we also produce and write songs ourselves, and have released a total of 12 projects so far. But we aren’t stopping there: we created New Galaxy because we want to help create so much more. Check out our running list of current projects below to stay updated on more releases and new bands!

Nathanael Jordan's "Honeymoon Phase" is out now!

Mar. 30

From the producer,
I am very proud to announce Nathanael Jordan’s first full length release, Honeymoon Phase. It was a great pleasure and privilege to be able to work on this project that spanned more than a year between the very first guitar track and the very last vocal. Because of this project, I have gained an incredible amount of respect and love for Nathanael. His dedication to a true honest display of his emotions is truly inspiring. He is one of my best friends, and it is so exciting to have helped him release his first fully formed project.

-Owen Stone -


Mar. 7th

We are revamping New Galaxy Records already! With a new website, we plan to create an easier way to find what you want and connect with the local artists you love. Visit our front page frequently to stay up-to-date on current New Galaxy Records events and releases.

New Project From Indigo De Souza Out Now!

Nov. 15

Indigo De Souza’s second EP was just released. The three song work titled, “Don’t cry just do,” blends electronic and live elements in the indie soul genre. Produced by our very own, Ethan Baechtold.

New Horror Movie Soundtrack LP Out Now!

Oct. 10

We are extremely excited to announce the release of Horror Movie Soundtrack’s sophomore LP, “Attitude Observer Anomaly.” A huge project that took over a year to complete and sounds epic and refined. The bands attention to detail and storytelling support the amazing concept of a self-induced out of body experience. A journey to know the self through observation. So sit back, relax, and let’s go to Mars!

Sk8-Bitz is out Today!

July 4th

Listen to the explosive "Arcade Punk" sounds of Tony Hawk GameBoy's debut EP.

Michael Matsakis' "Trees and Machines" Released!

June 21st

"Trees and Machines" is an EP about growing up and how everything just keeps changing the older you get. The name comes from the use of acoustic (natural) instruments in combination with the unique drum machines.

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